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Custom Made Butterfly Brocade Evening Handbag

Vintage 1950 Brassy Embossed Purse Frame

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Butterflu brocade handbag on a 1950 embossed purse frame 

Thank you for visiting Purse Street and looking at one of my custom made purses. This new category of handbags will feature 100% hand made, hand stitched purses crowned with antique or vintage frames. This example is suitable for either an evening or daytime event. This cheerful butterfly brocade has been sewn onto a vintage 1950, brass toned, fully embossed, Ed B Robinson purse frame.

Mauve brocade puffy handbag on antique Victorian filigree purse frame  Emerald green velvet evening handbag Ed B Robinson jeweled purse frame


Custom made butterfly brocade handbag on a vintage purse frame 

It has been on my mind for awhile to make some custom handbags. Over the course of several years, I have acquired some lovely antique and vintage purse frames, so I wanted to lend my hand to the art of making purses for you. This is actually the first of four bags that I have completed for Purse Street. All of my purses are hand stitched, no machine work will be done. Patterns are free hand measured, cut and then assembled with needle and thread, with lots of back stitching to ensure tight seams. All my custom purses will be sewn onto an authentic antique or vintage purse frame. For my first project, I chose this rather lovely butterfly and dragonfly floral brocade. It is soft to the touch and has a slight nap, similar to a crushed velvet but this is a woven fabric. As you can see the pattern is not too busy and offers a sense of a pleasant summer day.

Hand made butterfly brocade purse vintage frame 

Since the color palette gives way to Autumn tones, this is a wonderful transitional handbag and will carry well from Springtime into the fall months. On one side of the purse, I feature a stronger presence of butterflies and a single dragonfly. These animated features, as well as the florals, appear in more of a conventional brocade weave, while the bright ivory background has more of a velvety feel. The opposite side of the purse, as shown below, depicts a more centralized floral theme with the butterflies and dragonfly having a more elusive, approaching presence.

Vintage 1950 purse frame with butterfly brocade handbag 

I chose a golden brassy toned frame that has an embossed flower similar to the floral pattern in the fabric. This is a vintage 1950 Ed B Robinson purse frame or possibly 1940's. It is, of course, exceptional quality as expected from that well known purse designer. The entire exterior of the frame is fully embossed with a lot of wonderful detail and it has the perfect amount of vintage appeal, while still looking as new. The twist to open clasp has a  nice chunky personality but is not overstated and lends itself well with the somewhat larger size of this purse.


I'm showing you lots of photos so you can see all the fabulous details of this charming handbag. Well, I just had to add that beautiful floral gusset, which gives this purse extra interior room without making it too large. The interior is lined with a quality medium beige/tan satin. I graced it with 2 pockets. My pockets are double walled, so no raw edges will be seen. This purse is very secure to the frame and stuffed with tissue, measures a generous 7 1/2 inches from the top of the clasp to the bottom. The frame spans nearly 9 1/2 inches wide, the purse is 11 inches at the widest and the gusset is 1 1/8 inches. Naturally I had to spoil you by adding a matching brocade handle for that extra touch of elegance. The handle drops the purse by 7 1/4 inches, it is 3/4 of an inch wide and is very comfortable over the arm. This purse carries with a medium soft hand. It has a nice shape, it's well balanced and will carry all of your daytime or evening necessities. Thank you again for spending your valuable time with me and don't forget to check out my other custom made purses, you might be surprised at what you find.

  Vintage embossed purse frame with butterfly brocade handbag

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