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Mauve Silky Brocade Puffy Made Evening Bag

Victorian Filigree Purse Frame, ca 1900

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Mauve brocade puffy handbag on an antique Victorian filigree purse frame 

Well I really put my heart into making this purse. I personally love the puffy style antique purses so when I found this multi mauve silky satiny brocade, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. But I never realized that I had the perfect frame for it until I matched it all together.... oh yes.... it's dreamy.

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Mauve brocade custom made puffy on Victorian purse frame  Hand made custom purse on antique filigree frame

The body of this purse is hand patterned and hand stitched together to form this delightfully shaped purse, styled after the Victorian puffy. The fabric is a stunning brocade, in a multiple toned mauve pattern. The fabric has medium weight, it is elegant, silky, satiny and light reflective in appearance. It really is a stunning fabric and exactly what you would expect to find on a Victorian puffy frame. The only drawback to these types of purses is that they are typically not very functional because of their tiny interiors, so I took the liberty of adding a nice wide gusset so you will be able to carry a few necessities in this purse and truly enjoy owning it. This is an opera ready, elegant night out, dressy handbag and is absolutely adorable.

Antique purse frame with hand made custom handbag  Victorian filigree puffy purse frame and mauve brocade puffy handbag

I gave much thought to the design of this purse and how the pattern was to come together, as well as how it should blend with the frame. I chose to accordion pleat the top edge, which allowed the purse to fit precisely into the frame and give the puffy shape this purse desired to have. I'm going to show you enough photos so you can truly appreciate the details of this purse. The silver toned or silver plated purse frame is a classic in puffy styled Victorian filigree frames, from the approx. 1900 era, and is exactly what this handbag required. It is in fabulous antique condition, with good hinges and clasp. It also maintains it's original carry chain handle, all extra fine.


And speaking of the clasp, the pattern of the brocade matches the pattern of the clasp to as good as it can get. It was the answer to a prayer when these 2 elements came together. The scalloped shape, the dots, the piercings, it's all perfect. I lined the interior with a fine quality light mauve satin and gave it a color appropriate trimming, all hand sewn, of course. No machines are used on my custom bags. I had an old mirror, with a good reflection, from an antique puffy purse, so I wrapped it in matching satin and added it to the interior, very sweet. Stuffed with tissue, this purse measures approx., 6 inches from the top of the clasp to the bottom, 7 1/2 inches at it's widest and the bottom/side gusset is 1 3/8 inches. This purse puffs out from front to back by about 4 1/2 inches and the chain handle drops the purse by 5 inches. This purse carries in the palm of your hand and is soft and pliable to the touch. If you love Victorian puffies, you will adore adding this unique and "one-of-a-kind" custom purse to your wardrobe accessories.

  Custom hand made brocade puffy on Victorian filigree purse frame

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