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Vintage French Limoges Beaded Purse 1940's

Elegant White Beaded Bag Fragonard Scenes

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French Limoges Fragonard porcelain beaded evening purse 

Please consider this dreamy and elegantly beaded evening purse, hand made in France during the approx. 1940 era. Romance was definitely in the air when this purse was created. The French really knew how to design and hand bead these very special evening bags. This particular example is as pretty as any I've offered and it will surely find it's way into your heart and wardrobe accessories with no trouble at all.

Vintage Josef white beaded evening handbag with sparkling pastel flowers  Vintage 1940 1950 Josef gold beaded purse with Hobe jeweled frame


 Elegant beaded evening handbag 1940 made in France 

Even though I find no label or signature on this purse, there is no question whatsoever that this purse was hand made in France. The French were the prominent makers of these beaded purses with the addition of the Limoges porcelain plaques, decorated in the Fragonard romance themes. These dreamy evening handbags can only be described as chic and highly fashionable. Today, these purses continue to be in great demand, that is, the ones that can be found in this fabulous condition. The beadwork on this purse would be considered a white on white and crystal clear beaded pattern, having 2 shades of white and a clear cut and faceted bead as well. The pattern is showing very well in my photos. One shade of white is a pearly white and the other is a bright white, along with the occasional row of clear crystal. Overall, this purse is quite white, it is not yellowing or graying, just a nice bright tone of white. The beading is in very fine condition, well preserved, with barely one or two missing beads somewhere.

French beaded evening purse Limoges porcelain plaques 

Of course the frame is the perfect tiara for this purse, sporting 5 Limoges porcelain plaques painted in the Fragonard romance scenes and encircled by tiny faux pearls. Three of these Limoges discs are larger ovals measuring an inch in width by 3/4 of an inch in height and 2 smaller ovals measuring 1/2 inch in width by 3/4 of an inch in height. As you can see the remainder of the frame is encrusted with an array of white and gold beading, heaping with dimension. I find no real issues with the porcelain, the paint is lovely, soft and feminine, having more earth tones. You will have to look closely to notice even a scratch, or the more common paint flaw that is found on transfer decorated Limoges porcelain. Even the faux pearls have stood the test of time, looking lovely with very few having lost any of their luster. Truly, this is a lovely purse frame.


I'm showing you lots of photos so you can judge this exquisite beaded evening purse as worthy to add to your favorite purses. Overall, it is in very respectable vintage condition. Even though I can't say it's entirely pristine, it's certainly very, very good to excellent. The frame functions on a piano hinge, it spans the full width of the purse and opens and closes properly. It is nearly perfect save for a small dent on the back side. This little dent is not unsightly nor does it interfere with the functionality of the frame. The golden tone metal is still bright and shiny and suffers little in the way of discolor or natural aging, it is quite wonderful for it's age. Many of these purses have metal deterioration around the prongs that hold the porcelain plaques but not this one, everything is very nice.


This purse does not have a wide side gusset, making the interior a bit smaller, so it will carry only your absolute necessities but it is roomy enough. The interior maintains it's original bright white satiny lining with a single pocket. The interior is nearly spotless except for a small faint discolor in the upper left corner. In the photo above, it in hidden by the purse frame. This purse has been professionally and thoroughly cleaned and is in a condition that I would want to own. The interior lining appears barely used, this is an "easy to love" purse. This evening bag carries well with a medium firm hand but is not too stiff. The fully beaded handle drops the purse by nearly 6 inches. The beadwork is tightly stitched together and is very clean. There are only a couple of tiny faint discolors on the backside, up high against the frame and are barely detectable, certainly not distracting in the least. Stuffed with tissue, this fabulous French Limoges porcelain and beaded evening purse measure 5 inches in height, 9 inches across the bottom, nearly 8 inches across the frame and the side gusset is about an inch wide. If you can forgive any tiny imperfections, you will have a unique treasure and an incredibly romantic vintage Limoges purse, hand made in France, this one's fit for a queen.

  French 1940 beaded evening purse hand beaded

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