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Art Deco Mandalian enameled mesh purse butterflies in pink red black 

1920 Mandalian Enameled Butterfly Mesh Purse

A splendid blend of two early 1900's eras depicted on this
stunning Mandalian enameled mesh handbag,
silver toned frame is sculpted in an Art Deco shape but
the intricately embossed floral design is purely Art Nouveau,
identical details on both sides and all in perfect condition,
butterfly pattern in deep coral pink, burgundy red and black,
interior is signed and unlined, all-over clean and polished,
frilly chain fringe is complete, no separations, gaps or losses,
a treasure, click on the photo and see more about this purse.

Item  PS9-821 A                $435.00    Now $385.00         Place Order via Email

Whiting & Davis Dresden Mesh Purse

Lovely vintage 1920's baby mesh purse exhibiting
a Dresden silk screen enamel design lush in color,
perfect blend of Art Nouveau and Art Deco on the
bright clean gold tone frame and nice carry chain,
original interior lining and mirror in the pocket,
delicate pointed fringes in the Van Dyke style,
strong colors, mesh all secure, structurally perfect,
extra fine vintage condition, no apologies.

Item  PS8-214 B                       $435.00    Now $295.00          Place Order via Email


Mandalian enameled mesh purse early 1900's turquise 

Vintage Mandalian Art Nouveau Enameled Mesh Purse

Beautiful early 1900's enameled mesh handbag exhibits a
striking Art Nouveau pattern from the Mandalian Mfg Co.,
dynamic turquoise color tones with deep blue and gold,
silver tone frame has an all-over embossed design,
bottom V-shape is finished off with five enameled drops,
interior is signed and unlined, condition is very good,
clean, no mesh losses or gaps, very little paint wear,
structurally sound, all secure, no problems or damages,
well cared for, click the photo for more exciting details.

Item  PS9-617 E            This item is sold, sorry no longer available     Make an Offer via Email

Whiting & Davis mesh paure with enameled crown pattern Art Deco 1920 

Whiting & Davis Enameled Mesh Handbag, ca.1920

This is an unusual pattern from the Whiting & Davis Co.,
enameled with a regal and distinct king's crown,
embossed silver tone frame has a solid step down clasp,
bottom is skirted with an eight point Van Dyke fringe,
the frame is signed and the interior is unlined,
polished and clean, excellent condition, structurally great,
mesh secure at all points, well kept and preserved,
a royal purse, click photo for more pictures, etc....

Item  PS0-125  C        This item is sold, sorry no longer available       Make an Offer via Email

Whiting Davis enameled Art Deco black white mesh purse

Vintage 1920 Whiting & Davis Enameled Mesh Handbag

Oh so Art Deco is this enameled mesh purse, ca 1920,
black and soft white checkered design from Whiting & Davis,
frame has a brighter white and black coordinating pattern,
silver toned ball closure and carry handle are polished,
interior signed frame, seven point Van Dyke fringe,
both sides of this purse are identical in theme and color,
structurally perfect condition, no gaps or link detachments,
mesh all secure, no weakness, small enamel loss,
well kept condition, click photo for more details.

Item  PS7-1227 I                      $365.00    Now $250.00          Place Order via Email

Whiting Davis enameled mesh purse Art Nouveau designs

Early Whiting & Davis Enameled Mesh Purse, Metal Tag

This lovely antique mesh handbag exhibits a transitional
rendering from Art Nouveau fashion to Art Deco,
silver toned frame is both recessed and embossed with lovely
customary Art Nouveau swirling designs and patterns,
8 point Van Dyke fringe brings forth the Art Deco era,
structurally in perfect condition, no gaps or breaks,
some small fading of color towards the top edge of the bag
otherwise strong colors of orange and black on flesh tones,
click on the photo to review more details about this purse.

Item  PS9-86 B                         $225.00    Now $125.00            Place Order via Email

Lovely Art Deco Enameled Mesh Handbag

This early mesh purse is attributed to the
Whiting & Davis Company of Plainville, MA,
no doubt it has lost it's little interior metal tag,
embossed silver tone frame is Art Nouveau,
enameling is combined with the Art Deco era,
structurally perfect, mesh showing some wear,
clean inside and out, also generously sized.

Item  PS7-818 F                      $245.00    Now $150.00         Place Order via Email

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