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   Antique Art Nouveau 1900 - 1910 Purse Frame

   Embossed Acanthus Leaves With Sew Holes

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Antique Art Nouveau purse frame 6 inches silver toned 

This is an Art Nouveau styled purse frame from the approx. 1900 - 1910 era and was made to support an antique beaded purse. This is a bit of a lighter weight frame, although it is not flimsy by any means. It comes in a silver toned metal that could be silver plated but I see no evidence of wearing of the plating so it could just be a plain metal frame. I have polished it to a fair degree but some patina remains, allowing this frame to appear antique, as it should.



My photos are representing this frame well. Both sides are lightly embossed with a row of acanthus leave and scrolling decorations. The flowing lines of the Art Nouveau era are prominent on this frame. There are an ample number of sew holes on each side and they are a little less than a half inch apart. The frame opens and closes properly and the hinges are damage free.


The original chain handle looks much more tarnished in my photos than it really is. I did polish it and it has a nice medium shine and matches the frame in color tone well. The clasp has a lovely curvy Nouveau flair and closes this frame with a solid snap. I like the way the clasp is attached to the frame, it is set into the metal and locked it, not soldered on, so you don't have to worry about it letting go. The connecting loops that hold the chain handle are applied in the same manner.


The inside of this frame has an adequate channel for setting in your purse and lining against the sew holes, giving the finished look a smooth clean edge. This frame is in very fine condition with no distortions, bends or problems and measures as follows: 6 inches across the hinges, approx. 5⅜ inches from sew hole to sew hole at the hinges, the side arms are 2 inches in length and the chain handle drops the frame by 7 inches. This frame will go a good job of crowning your antique beaded purse or perhaps you have some creative ideas of your own. Please consider taking it home and putting it into service.


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