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    Vintage 1920's Carved Celluloid Purse Frame

    Figural Lizard Handbag Frame with Sew Holes

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Vintage 1920 carved celluloid purse frame with lizard 

This is an unusual vintage celluloid purse frame from the approx. 1920's era. It certainly is very different from other celluloid frames that I have seen. This frame has a carved and pierced figural display of a lizard type dinosaur, straight from Jurassic Park. There is a nice showing of leaves and branches, all seeming to be in very good, sound condition. I have found no cracks or hairlines, although there is a scattering of scratches, however, nothing too naughty or intrusive.



These 2 photos show the purse frame opened, against a white background, so you could see the carvings and the unusual subject matter a little clearer. These photos also show a good representation of the coloring, which is a darker brown with an amber tiger striping. There are sew holes which run along the inner edge for attaching your purse. This celluloid frame is not delicate, it is fairly thick in nature and should hold up well over time. The frame currently shows no abuse, just a little expected age but not much of it.


The hinges are in good, secure condition, without cracking or damages and they function as they should. The closure is clearly shown as a metal pin that snaps closed into an opening in the upper portion of the frame. I suspect that something once covered the metal pin and perhaps dried and fell off over time, however, there is not much space between the pin and the celluloid so I can't imagine what would have been attached. The closure opens and closes well but it is a little awkward to get accustomed to. Other than the question mark on the metal pin, the frame is complete and in wonderful vintage condition.


This photo of the interior of the frame makes it look like there is a crack in the lizards neck but it is not cracked, it is a scratch. There are little leaves attached to the backside of the frame for holding the purse's handle. A beaded or cloth handle would be appropriate for this frame. You might option to add metal loops to these leaves for making the handle easier to attach and these metal jump rings or loops should be available at any hardware store. The interior of the frame has a nice approx. inch deep channel for setting the purse in against the sew holes. The measurements are as follows: 5 inches across the hinges, 2 inches from the top of the clasp to the mid sew hole, 4 inches from one sew hole across the hinge to the other sew hole, and the side arms are about 1 inches. This is a very unique 1920's carved and pierced celluloid purse frame that will simply make a fabulous addition to your treasury of purses, frames or accessories. Let me know and I'll put it aside for you, it is awaiting your creative side.


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